Toebehoren • LF 2000 - Pinspotter + spare parts

Code Omschrijving 
LF 2000pinspotter
LF2000 TP2Magnetic tip for pins
LF2000 HSHeat sink
LF2000 CERAMICCeramic
LF2000 GCBlue gun case
LF2000 TRANSFcomplete transformer
LF2000 LCline cord 220V
LF2000 WBwire brush
LF2000 SAscrat
LF2000 MSmicro switch
LF2000 PWprimary welding
LF2000 CScase screws
LF2000 SPRINGspring
LF2000 CCcarrying case
LF2000 GWgrommet and washer
LF2000 EBelectrode with braid